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Web Developer

Web developer responsibilities

The following are the common tasks a web developer is expected to perform:

  • Create and test apps for the website.

  • Code for the site using HTML or XML and/or other programming languages.

  • Engage with members of their team to ascertain the kind of information the site should contain.

  • Apache POI & HTTP, Java, NFS, React/Angular,, IOS, Android.

  • Quality-test and troubleshoot the website and/or its applications in various browsers.

  • Outside the realm of their actual work, web developers are expected to stay updated with market trends and learn new programming languages, frameworks, and technologies.

Solution Architect

Solution Architect responsibilities include:

  • Building and integrating information systems to meet the company’s needs.

  • Assessing the systems architecture currently in place and working with technical staff to recommend solutions to improve it.

  • Resolving technical problems as they arise.

Job brief

We are looking for a Solution Architect to join our team and implement systems architecture to help solve our organization’s network problems. 

Solution Architect responsibilities include testing and integrating program software systems to address and solve specific business problems within an organization. 

Ultimately, you will work with the organization’s leaders to identify problems and then work with our IT Team to address those problems with innovative software solutions.

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  • Designing, modifying, and testing technical architecture.

  • Provide supervision and guidance to development teams.

  • Continually research the current and emerging technologies and propose changes where needed.

  • Inform various stakeholders about any issues with the current technical solutions being implemented.

  • Assess the business impact that certain technical choices have.

  • Provide updates to stakeholders on product development processes, costs and budgets.

Requirements & skills

  • Proven work experience as a Solution Architect or similar role.

  • Previous project management experience is advantageous.

  • In-depth understanding of coding languages.

  • Sound knowledge of various operating systems and databases.

  • Efficient communication skills.

  • Strong organizational and leadership skills.

  • Bachelor’s degree in information technology or computer science is preferred.



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